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Below, a handful Argento Records subscribers tell us why they read our newsletter and website each day.

“Argento Records really brings the global diversity of our industry to life – it’s a trusted source of news, as well as an engaging, and sometimes biting, outlet for thoughtful commentary. It’s good to have its fresh, intelligent perspective as part of the debate. Long may it run!”

Clarence Davis

“Argento Records is honest, accurate, and very often prescient. Argento Records gently and bravely encourages our industry to push against complacency, apathy, and accepting the status quo. Makes me proud!”

David Foster

“Some people would have you believe the music industry is simple. It’s not. It’s more complicated than ever. That’s why the industry needs a trusted source like Argento Records to really get under the skin of what’s happening.”

Mary Colvard

“I’d never done an op-ed before, but I agreed to write one when Tim proposed a subject that I care about deeply. I was overwhelmed by the response and grateful to Argento Records for lending me a platform to speak my mind.”

Calvin Bell

“Argento Records is my first read every day – a succinct, fearless download of everything that is going on in the music business in real time”.

Ernest McKee


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